Breather Filters - Choice of Media


  • Most economical media.
  • Synthetic and disposable with very good efficiency.
  • For temperatures up to 300° F.

Knitted Mesh

  • Galvanized steel wire, knitted into a pad.
  • Good efficiency with low restriction.
  • Used in oily environments and/or high temperature conditions.
  • Can be cleaned for reuse.

Metal Screen

  • Galvanized woven steel wire*, crimped and layered into a cylindrical element
  • Very low restriction.
  • The metal screen not only contains airborne contaminants, but also helps to prevent oil loss due to splash over.
  • Can be cleaned for re-use.

Pleated Paper

  • This cellulosic resin-impregnated media provides the highest degree of filtration of extremely fine dirt.
  • Temperature range: -65° to 250° F.
  • Can be cleaned for reuse.
  • 99.4% efficient on A.C. fine dust.

* Note: W Style breathers use brass or bronze screen.