Aircraft & Military Applications

  • Falls Filtration has been a world-class aerospace and military filtration supplier since the mid-nineteen twenties. We continue to foster outstanding service and availability of all of our products. Falls excels in design, test, and manufacture of several detailed filter products.
  • Product lists are available upon request and Falls Filtration can help you in designing and producing a product for your specific application. today to learn more.
  • Strainers

    Used in many applications, from fuel to lube oil. Falls Filtration leads the industry in design and quality.
  • Wash Flow Filters

    Used primarily in throttle control systems and designed to “self clean”, Falls has a variety of styles to fit your needs.
  • Fuel Filtration

    Falls has an exceptional line of fuel filtration products, many designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Indicators

    Used in many applications, Falls Indicators have many years of successful operation and engineering built in.
  • In-Line Filtration

    Made from many alloys, Falls in-line filters lead the industry in design and performance.
  • Replaceable Elements

    Falls produces thousands of cleanable and non-cleanable elements, designed from only the highest quality materials. With efficiencies as low as 1 micron.

Aircraft & Military Applications:

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Falls Filtration Technologies reserves the right to change any model or specification at any time without notice.